1byone Belt Driven Bluetooth Turntable Review

The mutually exclusive qualities of both digital audio formats, such as CDs and MP3s, as well as music and other audio played from vinyl records are numerous, typically leaving much to be desired no matter which option you choose.

Old Beatles albums, for example, were recorded in mono sound, which meant that the musicians naturally created optimum sounds which were different than simply combining tracks and creating audio quality by using digital technology.

However, you can’t replace the versatility and compatibility of digital audio, as well as the superior audio quality that they can produce.

For these reasons and many more, the 1byone Belt Driven Bluetooth Turntable can be a very useful, stylish and effective way to play the music you like with a huge variety of other devices for recording and playing songs, whether straight from vinyl or by using MP3s.

1byone Belt Driven Bluetooth Turntable

We’re going to discuss this turntable’s qualities in terms of performance and ease of use, as well as its overall appearance and durability, among other qualities as well, to review in detail what its true strengths and weaknesses are.

Record Straight from Vinyl

This turntable is designed to play all of your favorite classic albums on vinyl records, as well as whichever records you choose, with the option of selecting between turning speeds of 33, 45, or 75 rotations per minute.

Including a decent introductory level stylus and fine-tuned audio output quality, it’s been designed by people with the expertise to create a well-rounded classic turntable.

Some people have found that either the tone arm or stylus have given them trouble in playing their records without skipping, however the 1byone belt driven turntable should work just fine if you’re using records without a considerable amount of scratches or orbit marks.

It’s really a professionally designed modern day turntable, in that you can effortless transcribe and produce quality vinyl to MP3 recordings which you might not otherwise have access to, even with giant album databases like iTunes.

1byone Belt Driven Bluetooth Turntable

You can even save it directly to your MP3 player, which is a handy feature for people who just want a quality version of a song copied without having professional expertise.

Integrated Stereo Speaker System

Another aspect of old, classic vinyl turntables is that they have lower quality sound output, when compared to most stereo speaker systems available today, making them very easy to outperform.

1byone is cognizant of this fact, and has proven that listening to vinyl records can actually be even clearer than before, without sacrificing their natural tone, with their built in stereo speakers that offer a full range of sound.

This speaker system uses a two way crossover to produce well defined and balanced sound quality across a wide spectrum of styles of music, and even spoken word audios. This gives it an advantage over those designed specifically for one genre, or those that simply produce inferior audio quality.

The sound produced through the speakers isn’t absolutely perfect, and the hum of the turntable motor can be heard with especially quiet music playing, however it’s not so much to distract you from enjoying it.

1byone Belt Driven Bluetooth Turntable

Versatile Compatibility Options

Not everybody is going to want just one option for listening to records, including those who want mono recordings of their favorite oldies, and to listen to the unique artistry woven into the recording performances of artists.

This is true well as for those who like music to be big and loud, or simply to listen on their mp3 player or other mobile device.

The 1byone Belt Driven Bluetooth Turntable offers full advantage of these options, by allowing you to plug and play as you choose, as well as wirelessly connect via Bluetooth to whichever smart phone or tablet you choose, including both Apple and Android devices.

You can also simply plug in a USB-MP3 player for quickly playing and saving recorded songs, without requiring additional hardware besides a USB cable.

This makes it more than just a turntable with multiple options for playing songs, but also an effective and attractive mobile speaker system that’s easy to connect to and use.

Designed with Class, Style and Modern Day Technology

There are other important qualities such as, durability and appearance, as well as how well priced it is, which will be answered for with the following features and merits.

First, it’s build like a traditional record player that has long since become popular, due to the beautiful hard wood surface and adjustable dust cover, designed in such a way that give it a simply attractive look, with built in modern technology and ease of use.

1byone Belt Driven Bluetooth Turntable

Durability and safety are provided for in that it’s such a solid, rugged construction, and also that it’s compact and performs well enough to keep your vinyl records in good condition.

Playing and recording records are a similarly simply operation, with just four buttons to play your records forwards or backwards, pause.

There’s also a USB record button, which can take some time to learn how to use, but all it essentially requires is having a record already playing, pressing pause, then simply hitting the button, and it will automatically title and store your tracks.

It may be a slight annoyance that this turntable doesn’t automatically stop recording and create a new track in between songs, however this can be manually done with a single button, and in no way impacts the recording quality negatively.

It will also automatically stop playing and recording when you reach the end of a record, which means that all you do to get all of your records on mp3 format is set and forget while listening to your music, then come back and repeat with the next record.

1byone Belt Driven Bluetooth Turntable

Now, one major drawback is that the MP3 sample rate of this turntable does not meet the 44.1 kHz industry standard, although you can get greater quality recordings by using its analog line output option.


You can tell by its durability and sound performance, that this is a professionally designed and constructed turntable that, although it may use some inferior plastic parts, still provides high performance and reliability.

The technology and versatility built into the 1byone Belt Driven Bluetooth Turntable is engineered in such a way that it works effectively, yet looks simple and elegant, and is easy to use as well.

It doesn’t have all of the features in the world, but really could scarcely be any more user friendly when you consider all of its features and capabilities, like playing high quality vinyl record stereo sound via its own speaker, to the Bluetooth capabilities.

1byone Belt Driven Bluetooth Turntable

This is one of the greatest parts, because not only do you not have to buy new devices to compliment this turntable, but it’ll work for you whether you’re using and iPhone, Android, tablet or USB-mp3 player.

One outstanding quality of this Bluetooth turntable is that, since it’s affordably priced and competes decently with expensive models, you do get a very good value for the money that you spend.

Nothing could take away from its beautiful appearance, as this, in addition to its outstanding audio performance quality, are its biggest strengths.

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