Best Baby Swing For The Money

Baby swings are one of those things that I think every parent should own. They make for a fun and relaxing experience for your child while providing a safe place for their imagination to explore. I never owned or purchased a swing for my first child, but I did with my second – I regret that initial decision to not buy one for my first child since everyday I watched my second child have the time of their life on it. Either way, the decision is ultimately yours – the parent. I figured that I would put together a summary of the best swings for babies in 2016 and let you decide which is your favorite.

Fisher-Price Space Saver Swing and Seat

Fisher-Price Space Saver Swing and Seat

If you’re like me, you might not have a ton of room in your home to accommodate for a large baby swing. The Fisher-Price Space Saver Swing and Seat provides some of the same features that you’d see in one that’s much larger, however it’s incredibly small and doesn’t take up much room in the nursery. Since it’s so portable, lightweight, and has a handle on the top, I find myself setting it up in a bunch of different areas of our home for my baby to play on it.

Available in two color schemes, you can select from “Luv U Zoo” which showcases a cute zoo animal theme with vibrant colors to entice your little one. Another option is the “Ocean Wonders” theme which showcases sea creatures, fish, and an aquarium-like experience.

There are 5 different speeds that you can adjust the rhythm of the swing. I tend to set it to it’s lowest setting when I want my baby to relax and fall asleep. I’ll turn it up to the medium setting if they’re up, active. Since each mode can play different sound effects and music, it’s a fun way to change things up by offering my child a different experience each time they are in the seat.

Included is a removable toy bar with a dangling toy that has been said to help promote a curious mind. There is plenty of padding that’s completely machine washable that makes clean-up as easy as can be.

Graco Sweet Snuggle Infant Soothing Swing

Graco Sweet Snuggle Infant Soothing Swing

Another popular choice that is available in 2013 is the Graco Sweet Snuggle Infant Soothing Swing. It has four different seat positions with a cradling motion that is specially designed to help lull and soothe your baby into a relaxing state. This is a great choice for those who have children who are often fussy and/or full of energy. It naturally helps them relax and enjoy their surroundings.

With 6 different speeds, you can cater to several different moods depending on how your baby is feeling. Included are a few different dangling toys that entice your little one to grasp and reach which is always a good thing to help proper brain development and real-world skills. These toys are soft and plush to the touch and contain nothing harmful such as plastic or rubber pieces.

The seat is much different than your standard swing since it’s very deep and surrounds your child with comfort. It’s similar to the feeling they would get if they were wrapped up in a blanket or warm bed – they’ll love it. Best of all, it’s machine washable to make it easy to clean up any spills or accidents.

Since it’s available in two color schemes, it can be used for either gender. The Oasis color is white with shades of blue whereas the Jacqueline color is pink and is more catered towards girls. There are 10 songs and 5 nature sound effects that provide an inviting experience that your baby will want to come back. Going into the swing doesn’t have to be a boring experience – most babies find it incredibly relaxing and enjoying which excites them each time you bring it out. 

Fisher-Price Cradle ‘N Swing

Fisher-Price Cradle N Swing

One more popular baby swing of 2013 that I wanted to point out is the Fisher-Price Cradle ‘N Swing. It’s currently’s best selling stationary swing and definitely one of the best choices for a baby swing if you’re looking for one that’s safe, reliable, and full of great features. It’s designed to help soothe and entertain your child with the use of six different speeds, two different kinds of swinging motions, and three different cradle positions. It’s comfortable, safe, and reliable – making it an all-around excellent choice.

It’s built to have an incredibly strong and stable base which means it’s not the smallest, most space-saving design – but many of it’s other features excel in areas that other baby swings don’t. It does fold down into a compact size so when it’s not in use you can easily put it away without it having to take up a lot of room in the closet.

Built with very soft machine-washable fabric, it’s gentle and cozy to provide hours of continuous use without any discomfort. My best friend owns this swing and has nothing bad to say about it. The fabric feels much more plush than your standard swing which is one of the main reasons why a lot of parents choose it. However, I can’t forget to mention that it has 16 different songs and 2 nature sound effects – this is more music than the above two swings combined!

It can be operated with the use of 4 D size batteries, or it can be plugged into the wall with the provided AC adapter. Ideal for newborns and babies who weigh up to 25 lbs. and reviewed by over 600 customers on as a top rated choice for 2016.

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