Best Convertible Laptop (Ultrabook) For The Money

Convertible laptops have gained a lot of popularity in the recent years. They’re a unique computer that transforms from a laptop to a tablet PC. Also refereed to as Ultrabooks, these devices are a great addition to anyone’s home office or workplace since they’re so versatile, lightweight, and universally enjoyable to use. Belowwe’ve outlined some of the┬áBest Convertible Laptops for 2013┬ábased on performance, popularity, price, quality, and speed.

Lenovo Twist S230u 12.5-Inch Touch Ultrabook

Lenovo Twist S230u

  • Achieve fast speeds and enough power to process high demand tasks with the Lenovo Twist S230u 12.5-Inch Touch Ultrabook. It has an Intel i5 CPU that provides smooth multimedia performance that you’d expect from a Lenovo, one of the most popular PC manufacturers in the world.
  • 4 GigaBytes of random access memory to process requests faster than your standard laptop.
  • 500 GigaByte hard drive provides enough space for thousands of your favorite audio, video, and data files.
  • Operates using Windows 8, Microsoft’s newest and fastest operating system.
  • Exceptional battery life of 8 hours provides entertainment while on the go or traveling. Also, since it’s only 3.5 lbs. in weight, you can easily carry it anywhere.
  • 2 USB ports to connect just about any compatible peripheral you’d like.
  • Built in Wireless-N provides a wifi connection at the fastest possible speed.

Lenovo Yoga 13 IdeaPad Ultrabook 13.3″ Touch-Screen

Lenovo Yoga 13 IdeaPad Ultrabook

  • Probably the nicest convertible laptop available in 2013, the Lenovo Yoga 13 IdeaPad Ultrabook utilizes the fastest, most recent technologies to deliver a PC experience like no other.
  • Vibrant 13.3 inch widescreen display has a high resolution of 1600 x 900 that brings your favorite movies, tv shows, and programs to life.
  • 128 GigaByte internal solid state hard drive provides fast boot up times and exceptionally smooth load times for all applications. A solid state drive is a noticeable upgrade from your standard hard drive because there is no spinning parts so it doesn’t emit heat or noise, and is much more efficient when it comes to battery life.
  • Convertible hinge provides a fun way to change it from laptop to tablet and back again. It snaps into position when in use.
  • Uses Windows 8 64 bit edition. A step up from a standard 32 bit installation.
  • Easy to use. Very user friendly design.
  • Built in high speed wireless, integrated USB 3.0 port, and Bluetooth 4.0 compatible.
  • Support for HDMI out with an HD webcam built right into it.

HP Envy x2 11-g010nr 11.6-Inch Convertible Laptop

HP Envy x2 11-g010nr

  • The HP Envy x2 11-g010nr is a convertible laptop that’s worth talking about. It has up to 12.25 hours of battery life as a laptop, and up to 7 hours of battery as a tablet PC.
  • Intel A4 CPU with speeds of 1.80 Ghz and a 2 MB cache, it runs consistently smooth while conserving as much energy as possible to retain exceptional battery life.
  • Bright 11.6 inch screen with Intel graphics media accelerator gives incredible clarity with smooth video processing for watching fun movies, playing games, and more.
  • 64 GigaByte internal solid state hard drive provides state of the art boot up times with load times that are noticeably improved over previous models who use a standard 5400 or 7200 RPM hard drive.
  • 2 GB of SDRAM provides enough memory to handle multiple applications at once.
  • 2 Lithium Ion batteries to give it more battery life than most other convertible laptops currently on the market.
  • Built in WiFi for connecting to your home network with ease.

ASUS Taichi 21-DH71 11.6-Inch Convertible Touch Ultrabook

ASUS Taichi 21-DH71

  • One of the fastest operating convertible laptops for 2013. Choose between the i5 that runs at speeds of 1.7 Ghz, or select the i7 that runs at speeds of 1.9 Ghz.
  • Since the ASUS Taichi 21-DH71 has 4 GigaBytes of DDR3 RAM, you won’t have any trouble running multiple tasks at once. Watch a movie, play a video game, and browse the web all at once without any issues.
  • The i5 model has a 128GB solid state drive – the i7 model has a 256 GB solid state drive which gives you more space to store anything you’d like. These help to conserve precious battery life, giving it more portability than most other convertible laptops on the market.
  • Powered by Windows 8, the 11.6 inch LED screen provides a surreal experience with state of the art graphics for a PC experience that’s simply out of this world.
  • Extremely lightweight at just 2.7 lbs, it easily converts from laptop to tablet in a matter of a few seconds. It’s ultra portable, making it ideal for those who are always on the go.
  • 2 USB 3.0 ports provide transfer rates that are 10 times quicker than the standard USB 2.0 technology.
  • Built in wireless technology for connecting to your home or workplace network.

Lenovo Ideapad 06517HU Tablet Netbook

Lenovo Ideapad 06517HU

  • If you’re looking for a convertible laptop that comes in under-budget, the Lenovo Ideapad 06517HU is priced low enough for most to afford while still having plenty of computing power that you’d like to have.
  • Designed to be very portable with a 10.1 inch WSVGA screen that transforms into a tablet PC with a simple twist of the middle hinge. Although the resolution isn’t very high (1024 x 600), the portability is it’s strong point. Small enough to fit in a large pocket or small book bag, it’s ideal for those traveling or tight on space.
  • With the Intel Atom N455 CPU, you can expect processing speeds to achieve 1.66 Ghz with 1 core and 2 threads.
  • Although it’s powered by Windows 7 and not Windows 8, it’s still very user friendly and easy for anyone to use – even kids!
  • Since it weighs only 2.8 lbs. and has a 4 hour battery life, it’s a great addition to your electronics collection that’s sure to impress.

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