Best Crib Soother Reviews

It’s never fun when your baby gets cranky especially in the middle of the night. Thankfully there are options that are available to help your baby fall asleep and help soothe it when you are unable to provide any relief. A crib soother offers you viable options to keep your baby feeling well soothed, relaxed and also engaged.

Some of the best crib soothers will have options such as bright colors that capture the attention of the baby, along with soothing musical choices as well. we’ve put together some of the best crib soother options that have been highly reviewed online. You simply cannot go wrong with any of these choices and your baby will simply love the music and exploration options that come along with each soother.

See below for the three best crib soothers that are available for purchase.

Lamaze Crib Soother

Lamaze Crib Soother

The Lamaze Crib Soother utilizes a quick clip attachment which allows it to fit all cribs available. It comprises of fabric made from Polyester which makes it very soft to touch for the baby. It displays bright, colorful animals which light up when the soother is activated. This is done by pressing the ladybug on the soother.

On activation, colorful lights illuminate the soother calming the baby and if attached to an mp3 player, the lights will move to the sound of the music you play. If not attached to an mp3 player you can choose from classic melodies or the soothing sounds of nature. With all these options, you have ability to find the right ambience that will soothe your baby into a deep sleep.

You’ll also love the fact that your baby can activate the soother on its own by simply pressing the ladybug. This will get your baby excited and they’ll eventually understand that each time they press that ladybug it turns on the crib soother.

Depending on your baby’s particular needs you can activate the sound only, lights only or lights and sound, giving you flexibility with your choices.

Fisher-Price Disney Baby Nemo Soother

Fisher-Price Disney Baby Nemo Soother

You can add the Fisher-Price Disney Baby Nemo Soother into the bed time routine of your baby with its soothing ocean sounds and tunes to relax your baby right to sleep. You can choose up to three modes depending on your baby’s preference.

They are music only, lights and music and lights and sounds. In music only mode, the music will play for 20 minutes. This soother is perfect for helping your baby develop eye movement and tracking skills.

This crib soother will keep your baby enthused and mesmerized for long periods of time. It is fun and exciting for your baby seeing all the bright colors, and when it’s time to sleep you can adjust the settings to play only the ocean sounds so that your baby can fall asleep.

Backed by one of the most popular cartoon characters offered by Disney you can be assured that your baby will simply love this crib soother.

Fisher-Price Rainforest Soother

Fisher-Price Rainforest Soother

Transform your baby’s room into the rainforest at night with the Fisher-Price Rainforest Soother. Your baby can watch as the cascading waterfall flows into a pool of bubbling water below, or they can play peek-a-boo with the monkey or the frog among the leaves. In addition to this, they can hear up to 18 minutes of soothing background sounds of the rainforest, traditional classical music or lullabies.

This colorful display can easily be activated by the baby with the press of a button on the soother. Depending on your baby’s mood you can select the right volume as well as three custom modes; lights, motion and music, music and lights or just music only.

If you’ve been searching for the perfect solution to get your fussy baby to sleep on its own, you now have three choices to choose from. These can be easily used to keep your baby relaxed and engaged. You simply cannot go wrong by choosing any of these crib soothers. Whether you are purchasing it for the music, or perhaps for the lighting displays they all have the options that you’ll need.

You can now decide based on your budget which one is right for you. For some, you may want to purchase the one that would go best with the style of crib that you have, so that can play an important factor as well in your decision making process. No matter what you decide, you now have three great options to choose from.

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