Best Embroidery Machines of 2017 – Reviews to Help You

Embroidery machines are a subcategory of sewing machines that are designed specifically to create logos, prints, and various patterns on fabric. In the past, these types of machines were only available commercially due to their factory-size design.

Today, Brother, SINGER and other sewing machine brands have released their embroidery machine models for home or small-business use. Some of these machines work as a sewing machine as well, while others are packaged as embroidery-only machines.

best Embroidery Machines 2017 reviews

If you’re shopping around for embroidery machines for your personal crafts and sewing projects, we’ve compiled three top-notch models ideal for home or small business use that you should definitely check out.

Brother PE770

Brother, one of the most popular sewing machine brands, also brings to the table a line of feature-rich embroidery machines. One of them is the Brother PE770, which has been named the ‘Best Buy’ device in the embroidery sewing machines category by Consumers Digest.

Brother PE770

You’ll be amazed by the Brother PE770 because it offers:

  • Over 130 Built-in Designs – With this embroidery machine, you can start working on your project right away since it comes ready with 136 embroidery designs, 120 pattern combinations for frames, and six lettering fonts.
  • Huge working area – The Brother PE770lets you stitch on bigger items like pillowcases and jackets thanks to the 5×7-inch embroidery field with brightly lit LED. You’ll also be able to rotate your fabric freely as you go along, even with large designs.
  • User-friendly functions – Not only does the PE770 have auto-needle threading, and auto-thread trimming functions, it also boasts Brother’s Quick-Set™ drop-in top bobbin incorporated into the machine.
  • Backlit LCD display with built in tutorial – The impressive backlit LCD touch screen display lets users see settings and read various tutorials on topics like inserting embroidery arm, threading the PE770, and more.
  • Design editing – If you’re not completely happy with a particular embroidery design, the Brother PE770 gives you the option of editing its size, placement, and style. As you edit, you’ll be able to see changes straight off the LCD display.
  • Built-in USB port – Not interested in designs that came with your Brother PE770? Then incorporate your own designs via a USB memory stick that connects to the built-in USB port. You can even store these imported designs if you wish.
  • iBroidery compatible – Not sure how to create your own designs? Well, if you’re not happy with built-in ones, you can choose from thousands of downloadable designs.
  • Price and Warranty – You can buy the Brother PE770 for around $600 on with a 25-year limited warranty.

SINGER Futura XL-400

SINGER’s Futura XL-400 is an advanced, computerized embroidery machine that serves as a sewing machine as well. It competes fiercely in this category for having multiple, impressive features, that perform extremely well as expected.

SINGER Futura XL-400

Some impressive features to note:

  • 125 designs – Have fun stitching 125 embroidery designs built into the machine. It also has outline lettering and five monogramming fonts included.
  • SwiftSmart threading system — The SINGER Futura XL-400 has an automatic needle threader, making it easy to set-up your threads effortlessly.
  • Drop & Sew bobbin system – Aside from the auto-needle threader, this particular model gives more user-friendly functions by also incorporating a hassle-free way to change and load bobbins.
  • Programmable needle – Another user-friendly feature is the programmable needle, which lets you set it for stopping up or down.
  • Massive LED-lit sewing space – You’ll have bigger space to move, since the arm length to the side of the needle measures 8 & ¼-inch long. Sewing is also made is with six LED lights built into the sewing surface.
  • Multi-hooping capability – The SINGER Futura XL-400features 10-by-6-inch hoop that allows you to work on large-sized items such as quilts or bedsheets. This model comes with two embroidery hoops.
  • Awesome stitches and built-in functions – The Futura XL-400 is designed with six of the most used stitches for construction. You’ll also be able to use 12 decorative stitches for extra pizzazz on your projects. If that’s not enough, this machine also boasts of a one-step buttonhole feature that would make your life easier when creating perfect buttonholes.
  • Free accessories included – The machine also includes an all-purpose foot, button-sewing foot, blind hem foot, satin stitch foot, zipper foot, scissors, embroidery foot, 10×6-inch and 4×4-inch embroidery hoops, bobbins, pack of needles, USB cable, screwdriver, lint brush that also serves as a seam ripper, spoon pin felt, thread spool caps, and an auxiliary spoon pin.
  • Price and Warranty – The SINGER Futura XL-400 is available on for around $570 with 25-year limited warranty.

Brother Designio Series DZ820E

If you already have a sewing machine at home or at your business, the Brother Designio Series DZ820E is the embroidery machine to choose because it removes basic sewing functions and boosts its embroidery features.

Brother Designio Series DZ820E

This embroidery-only machine features:

  • Built-in LCD-viewable tutorials – Perfect for beginner to intermediate crafters, this Brother embroidery machine provides basic to advanced guides that you can view straight off the back-lit LCD touch-screen display.
  • 136 Built-in, Editable Designs – The Brother Designio Series DZ820E comes with 136 embroidery designs you can use instantly. You can edit these designs from the display, or import one from your own design via USB (or from downloadable iBroidery designs that are perfectly compatible with this machine).
  • 120 frames – This model also has 120 built-in frame pattern combinations and six lettering fonts that give users more freedom to style their embroidery projects.
  • User-friendly automatic functions – Brother’s DZ820E embroidery machine features automatic threading and auto thread trimming. This model also has a built-in memory pocket, which gives you the option of storing designs into the machine for future use. Brother’s Quick-Set™ Drop-in Top Bobbin system is also incorporated into this version.
  • Two embroidery hoops included – This particular model comes with a 2.5×1-inch and 4×4-inch hoops that allows you to embroider one project, while preparing another at the other hoop.
  • Free embroidery starter kit – Brother gives you several accessories with your purchase. This kit includes six spools of embroidery thread, extra bobbins, durable scissors, fabric stabilizer, and many more.
  • Price and Warranty – You can buy the Brother Designio Series DZ820E for $650 on with a 25-year limited warranty.

Final Thoughts

Whether you need a new embroidery machine to replace an existing one, or you need your first machine, we’ve outlined three top rated choices for 2017 that are all very impressive in their own way. Each one of the models we’ve reviewed are backed by impressive 25 year warranties, so it’s safe to assume that you’re buying into a promise of quality that you wouldn’t see in machines that cost around the same price. If you need any assistance about which one you should select, or if you have anything to add, please be sure to drop us a comment in the form fields below.

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