The Best Kegerator Reviews For Your Money

A kegerator is a residential draft (draught) beer dispensing device. A keg, typically of beer, is stored in a refrigerated container in order to keep it thoroughly chilled. With one, you’re able to maintain a tapped keg for extended periods of time – perfect for your friend and family occasions.

best kegerators reviews 2017They’re adding a flare to the party by providing both a place to store your beer and keep your favorite brew ready on tap. With a tap in your home you can look like a professional or make yourself a quick drink any time.

They offer a wide range of ability, some sporting a multi-tap system while others allow for more fridge space. This offers a wide variety to your personal bar. The convenience offered by being able to pour your own drink in seconds in the comfort of your own home not only can be fulfilling to yourself, but can impress your friends and family.

With it you can keep a tapped keg for an extended period of time, usually a couple of months, without losing any quality in the taste of the beer. They also provides a consistent, smooth, and fresh taste to your favorite brew on tap.

Smart+ Products (Model: SPP155BDSS)

A high performance indoor freestanding design with you in mind. The Smart+ Products (Model: SPP155BDSS) Freestanding Kegerator has a beautiful stainless door attached to a matte black finish. With Chrome guard rails to match, it puts the pro in professional. It offers a wider base than most of the other competing products, making it ultra sturdy and reliable.

Smart Products Model SPP155BDSS

  • Sleek black finish with stainless steel door: An extra touch of class on top of a great design that adds a flare or a pop to this pristine look.
  • Casters for easy mobility: Allows for relocation at a moment’s notice without the need of lifting and lugging around a keg.
  • Chrome guard rail to house the tap and drip tray: In addition to the Chrome guard rail which provides a smooth professional look, it also comes with a built in drip tray for easy clean up.
  • Temperature adjustment: Changing the temperature till you find the perfect chill from between mid-40’s to slightly above freezing at 34. Get that rich refreshing taste you’ve been looking for.
  • Measures 21-1/4 by 25-1/4 by 47-1/4: The perfect size, allowing it to blend in seamlessly.
  • Accommodates a full-sized keg, pony keg, or 2.5-gallon kegs: No more worrying about what size the keg is any more.
  • Freestanding with professional finishing touches.

Nostalgia Electrics (Model: KRS-6100SS)

With a four or five star rating on major sites, the Nostalgia Electrics (Model: KRS-6100SS) provides a top notch full-sized tap for any household. It provides an onsite portable tap to any room in the house or a keg chiller and tap for a bar. Nostalgia Electrics is the ultimate at home tap, bringing a sleek matte black finish and standing at 33.2 inches tall, this kegerator is a sure crowd pleaser.

Nostalgia Electrics KRS-6100SS

  • Full-size single-tap refrigerated beer dispenser: Allows for easy access and perfect pour every time.
  • Keeps beer carbonated for weeks: With CO2 injection all draft will come out with the same consistency. No more flat brews mean much better taste.
  • Chrome guardrail: Flair of style to go with the professional look provided.
  • 4 durable casters: Easy mobility and easy support for a quick keg change or placement around the house.
  • Measures 21.3 by 26 by 33.2 inches: Fits into the coziest of places around the house/bar.
  • Offers a wide variety of options to satisfy the needs of party.

Keggermeister (Model: KM2800BK)

With one of the highest grade, professional home dispenser on the market, you can take command of your inner bartender. At just a little over four feet tall, the Keggermeister (Model: KM2800BK) is a top notch kegerator that is supported for commercial use.

Keggermeister Model KM2800BK

  • Full-size single-tap beer dispenser keeps beer fresh for up to 3 months: That’s three months of a consistent tasting beverage. Enjoy an additional month of your choice of drink as compared to most on the market.
  • Accommodates a full-sized keg, pony keg, or 2.5-gallon kegs: With options comes a possibility. No longer will you have worry about which size keg you have to purchase to maintain your tap.
  • 3-sided chrome guard rail: Makes stacking glasses around the top of the Keggermeister a real possibility.
  • Smooth-rolling casters: Allows for easy portability and transport around a floor or household.
  • UL-approved for commercial use: Business grade, business tough.
  • Measures 25 by 21 by 49 inches
  • Comes included with a CO2 canister.

Final Thoughts

A kegerator has cost benefits that make them a viable choice over the purchase of smaller store-purchased cases, such as the typical 6-pack or 12-pack. Generally speaking, they save costs because of their natural connection with business theories on bulk sales, as well as their savings on packaging smaller cases of beer.

Since a keg typically stores large amounts of cold beer, many have been known to save up to 60% on costs when compared to the same amount of volume in cans and bottles.

Be aware that while all kegerators may appear to have very little differences that they may all have a unique fit to their surroundings. The differences between them are vast if you consider the ability to over chill your brew to be as cold as you like, if you’re looking for a sleek finish then a stainless, or chrome finish may sway you more. Each style has its advantages.

When you consider which model you’re interested in, keep in mind the options you have. The style that’s so graciously provided by the Smart+ Products, the compact size of the Nostalgia Electrics, or the professional look of the Keggermeister. Whichever choice you make you can feel more confident in the decision you’re making.

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