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If you’re looking for a hobby that will also earn you money in the process, you might want to try your hand at metal detecting. It will even serve as a fun workout for you, which is possibly why many people favor it as a hobby. If you think about how this activity is centered on finding buried treasure, it’s already a fun idea in itself.

best metal detectors 2017

It’s even more so if you heard stories about how some lucky people become filthy rich. The biggest benefit of this hobby will always be the thrill of the hunt for those hidden treasures in the ground.

Once you’re acquainted with the basic principles of metal detecting, the next important step in preparing for this hobby is to choose the best metal detector for you. There are certain things that have to be considered to make the right decision, such as the following:

  • Target ID – This is often available in metal detectors with an LCD display. It gives you a visual monitor of any metal detected underneath the detector as you’re using it. Advanced detectors often provide a numeric target ID, which rates buried metals from 0 to 99, based on their magnetic properties. Compared to other types of target ID, the numeric model is more accurate, but they can be a handful for a newbie. New hobbyists usually lean towards buying a sport graphic target ID, which shows readable icons for specific metals.
  • Performance – Your comfort in using the metal detector is one of the key factors in choosing one, so the device should be of a comfortable weight for you. The best ones are often those that weigh less than 3 pounds, because they can be carried for hours without causing such strain on your shoulders.
  • Pinpoint mode – This feature will point you in the right direction as you move your metal detector all over the ground with the help of a solid sound that only gets louder as you approach the metal.
  • Depth indicator – After finding the metal, the detector should show you just how deep it’s buried under the ground. You can find detectors with a visual diagram, while there are also some with numeric readings.

Fisher Gold Bug

The Fisher Gold Bug Metal Detector is ideal for those who want to focus more on getting golden treasures as it can detect even the smallest gold nuggets. It also features excellent ground balancing settings, which make the device more effective for use in fields filled with minerals.

Fisher Gold Bug

This metal detector has a large LCD display that shows the menu options at a font that is easier to read. Aside from detecting gold, it can also detect relics, coins, and other buried treasures.

Its mid-range price is quite surprising, given how its speed and performance is at par with those of more expensive models. It also features two different search modes – an extra sensitive VCO and a deft readout on the other.


  • Detects even the smallest gold nuggets
  • Large LCD display
  • Excellent ground balance settings
  • Easy usability
  • Moderate price

fisher gold bug metal detector

So far, the Fisher Gold Bug does not have any major drawbacks.

Garrett Ace 350 Handheld Metal Detector 1140260

The Garrett Ace 350 Handheld Metal Detector 1140260 is one of the most in-demand metal detectors in the world. It comes with an 8.5 x 11 inch PROformance Double-D search coil. This DD style allows the metal detector to find deeply buried treasure, while ensuring great performance by quieting the noise caused by the salt water and minerals in the soil.

Garrett Ace 350 Handheld Metal Detector 1140260

It also has a long, narrow detection area, which ensures great scanning coverage and the ability to distinguish targets or metals. These are features that you can’t find in your typical metal detector coil. The tail design and blunted tip only serve to widen the coverage of the coil, making the detector more effective in finding metals despite obstacles and their depth.

garret ace 350


  • 8.5 inches x 11 inches Double-D search coil
  • Weight: 2.8 pounds
  • 2-year limited warranty
  • Frequency: 8.25 kHz
  • Comes with headphones with volume control settings
  • Interchangeable ACE series
  • Battery condition indicator
  • Electronic pinpointing
  • Coin depth indicator
  • Notch discrimination
  • 5 search modes
  • High frequency rating that can detect low- to mid-conductivity items, such as lead relics, jewelry, and gold nuggets
  • Double-D search coils that ensure excellent detection depth, more power, wide scanning coverage, and great performance despite the presence of minerals in the target grounds
  • Enhanced iron resolution that distinguished the junk iron from the real treasures

White’s M6 Metal Detector 800-0317

This White’s M6 Metal Detector 800-0317 is often used by professionals, although novice hobbyists who want a high powered detector also love it. It’s as powerful as the MXT and can find treasures buried as deep as the MXT can. It’s a great choice for those who want a highly sensitive and stable metal detector.

Whites M6 Metal Detector 800-0317

The M6 is perfect if you are particularly fond of finding old and deeply buried coins in the ground. It can detect metals and point you to the right target in seven tones, which makes it an ideal device for treasure hunting at night.

Another great feature about M6 is its ground balance control. You just need to point it in the air, click it to ‘air,’ and listen for the beep. Scan it over the ground free of metal, set it to ‘ground,’ and listen for the beep once more. This is how easy it’s to ground balance the device.

whites m6 - 800-0317

Even if you’re using the M6, you can still use the search coils for DFX and MXT, giving you more options. If you are hunting for old coins, you may want to use the 6-inch coil, while those who are targeting deep-buried coins would get more help from the 12-inch coil.

Aside from hunting for coins, the M6 is also a great detector for gold and relics. The 12 and 14-inch coils are perfect for relic hunting, while the super 12-inch coils are great for gold hunting. The M6 can be used by both professionals and newbie hobbyists alike.

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