Best Umbrella Stroller Reviews

Umbrella Strollers are a must-have for most parents because they make the strolling part very easy. It is always great to take your baby out for a stroll around the park, to breathe in the fresh air and do whatever else people do when taking a walk. It is however important that you get the right umbrella stroller for your child otherwise disaster might strike.

There are several factors that you have to consider when you go shopping for the best umbrella strollers:

  • Weight of Your Child – You most definitely do not want your child to be hurt if the stroller breaks.
  • The Purpose – Do you want a stroller for running or just walking? There are strollers for each purpose.
  • Quality – Does the stroller feel and look like high quality?
  • Safety – This is everything from the harnesses to the umbrella.

Like anything you buy, it’s very important to do a little research to see which best options suit your needs. We have researched, analyzed, and reviewed three of the best umbrella strollers for your money in 2017 – here is what we found…

The First Years Jet Stroller

The First Years Jet Stroller

This is one truly lightweight stroller. The First Years Jet Stroller comes with a long lasting frame and on top of that it is extremely easy to set up plus highly comfortable for your baby. It is meant for children who are below 50 pounds. It is particularly comfortable thanks to its wide seat base and the canopy. The adjustable canopy makes strolling more than enjoyable.

Whether the sunshine comes or the clouds coat the sky, you can always take a walk with this stroller. Additionally, it comes with eight large wheels that make it so much easier for you to move over just about any surface. This specific umbrella stroller is extremely convenient and comes with the following features:

  • Multi position recline feature to allow your baby to sleep peacefully as you stroll around.
  • Upper storage space for a water bottle (yours), keys, wallet and more things, a large space below for a diaper bag and whatever else you want to bring along.
  • Brakes for the rear wheels when you stop the stroller.
  • 5 point harness keeps your child safe at all times. Securely fastens them into the proper position.

Summer 3D lite Convenience Stroller

Summer 3D lite Convenience Stroller

No one wants a heavy stroller nowadays. With that in mind, the Summer 3D lite Convenience Stroller is extremely light, user friendly (folding and setting up is a walk in the park), very comfortable for you and your baby. It comes with a host of features that you will find to be extremely friendly.

For starters the adjustable canopy makes it a lovely tool. It will protect your baby’s skin from harmful UV light. It also has a pop out sun visor that provides more protection on those awfully sunny summers. It is the perfect umbrella stroller for summer. Some of its other features include:

  • 5-point harness for top notch safety.
  • 3 height positions for your growing child.
  • Wide and heavily padded seat for extra comfort.
  • Lockable rear wheels and anti-shock front wheels.
  • Multi-position recline, storage pocket and basket.

Cosco Umbria Stroller

Cosco Umbria Stroller

The reason why this one stands out as one of the best umbrella strollers is its size and weight. Do you always have a hard time fitting your stroller in your car? Well then the Cosco Umbria Stroller is the perfect umbrella stroller for you. It is extremely easy to fold as it folds up to an almost flat position. If folding is easy, unfolding is even easier and you can do it with one hand holding the baby and the other doing the unfolding.

It is very comfy for your baby although if you are a tall person, you might find issue with the Cosco Umbria Stroller. It is really easy to use but if you have a long stride you might have to move back and bend a bit in order to avoid hitting the brake bar. Nonetheless, this is one of those must-have strollers.

  • It is extremely comfortable.
  • Very safe- it comes with the 5-point harness to keep your baby well positioned.
  • Lockable rear wheels to keep the stroller from moving.
  • Anti-shock wheels that can be used in any kinds of terrain.
  • Adjustable canopy for the sunny days- to keep the sun away from your baby’s face and skin (very important).
  • Ample storage facilities.

Whichever of these three umbrella strollers you prefer, it might be good to check the age and weight limit before you make your purchase. These are just some of the best umbrella strollers that will make strolling with your baby comfortable, fun and relaxing.

You can now you can go ahead and make your purchase as you’ve just received all the necessary details to make an informed decision. You simply cannot go wrong with any of these strollers as they provide all the necessary functions at a great price.

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