Best Voice Recognition Speech to Text Software Reviews

Voice recognition software allows any computer to translate human voice into text or basic commands. It’s a promising technology, enabling a high productive rate with minimal time required. However, you need to condition your computer or undergo a series of training sessions to polish the accent and maximize the number of words that the program can recognize.

Best Voice Recognition Speech to Text Software Reviews 2017Voice recognition is also utilized in mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. In fact, Apple and Google have separately developed proprietary services called Siri and Google Now, which activates certain commands on the device.

For example, Siri on the iPhone doubles as a security feature to prevent information theft in case the device is lost or stolen. Also, it allows the user to trigger actions such as text, call, web search, and play music among many other features just by speaking standard commands that are recognizable by Siri.

Google Now also works the same way but with a different purpose. The mission of the Mountain View tech giant is to personalize the web browsing experience and make it easier for the end-users. For example, if you are searching for a place to go, Google Now populates data specifically directed to the user based on his personal search history and location. One of the most interesting features of voice recognition software is its ability to perform within a specific distance.

Voice recognition is widely used in several industries including communications, national intelligence, healthcare, engineering, information technology, and even in everyday households. However, not all voice recognition systems are accurate or created the same. Most of them take a lot of time to familiarize the system with the user’s voice, though over time, expanded vocabulary is already incorporated.

Dragon NaturallySpeaking Home 13.0

Dragon NaturallySpeaking Home 13Dragon’s voice recognition software is one of the best offered for Windows PC today. It’s fast and highly accurate, allowing you to interact better with your computer and increase your productivity rate. Dragon NaturallySpeaking Home 13.0 has mastered the art of voice-driven experience, so you can maximize your time in realizing your fullest potentials and get the most work done possible.

  • 99% dictation accuracy. – Dictate words three times faster than your typing speed without having to pronounce intently every single word that you say. Talk naturally and the words should appear instantly on your computer screen. Dragon is programmed in such a way that it automatically captures corrected words for future references.
  • Playback and transcription of audio recordings. – Prompt command to initiate automatic transcription. However, during the first few trials, you may have to do significant edits on words that are not standard in the English vocabulary. You may also want to set the language setting to either English UK or English US, depending on what your native speaking language is. After you do that, you will notice huge improvement on accuracy, which will leave you less room for mistakes.
  • Edit documents using voice. – When Dragon is done with the transcription, you can edit and format documents through the standard editing tools such as bold, italic, underline, and spell check. The Smart Format Rules feature automatically remembers the changes you made on abbreviations, numbers, and other proper nouns so you won’t have to make the same correction again. You can also open documents in other programs such as Notepad, WordPad, DragonPad, and WordPerfect X6 and X7.
  • Web page navigation and webmail support. – Have full control on major web browsers such as Internet Explorer 9, 10, and 11, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome. Another feature is the integration of web-based email services such as Gmail and Yahoo! Mail among others. Compose, send, delete, and mark email messages using your voice.
  • Import/export vocabulary lists. – Another way to improve accuracy is to import or export vocabulary lists to Dragon. The system will automatically sift through the updated list without having to correct mistakes one by one.

Many consumers are pleased to find out that Dragon NaturallySpeaking 13 Home is only $74 for the standard version. For those who want added features, Dragon NaturallySpeaking 13 Premium costs $144, but has more advanced features for those who really want to excel at speech to text technology.

Dragon Dictate for Mac 4.0

Dragon Dictate for Mac 4Dragon Dictate for Mac version 4.0 is a powerful voice recognition software for Mac computers. This product is highly-praised for its high accuracy and fast transcription and typing speed better than the manual process. Using the dedicated headset provided by Dragon, your voice comes in cleaner, producing 99% accuracy. This gives you more freedom of time to do the things you love in life.

  • Smart Format Rules. – Dragon is known for its Smart Format Rules that enables the user to correct spelling or transcription mistakes only once. All edits will be remembered by the system and shall be applied on succeeding instances.
  • Webmail integration. – Composing and sending emails has never been easier with the integration of Gmail, Yahoo! Mail and other major webmail services into Dragon. There is no need for multiple clicks. Just say the command and it will be automatically open for you.
  • Manage multiple audio sources. – Dragon seamlessly blends multiple audio recordings into its transcription tool so you do not have to switch back and forth on different files.
  • Customize notes and documents. – Format text documents as desired. Open transcription files and documents to various word processing platforms such as Word, Notepad, WordPad, DragonPad and a lot more.
  • Capture audio recordings for transcription. – When you buy a dedicated headset or any compatible microphone for Dragon Dictate, you will be able to record studio quality audio with noise reduction capabilities that automatically saves recording into your hard drive.

Many are pleased to find out that Dragon Dictate for Mac 4.0 is only $131. Additionally, Dragon Dictate Wireless and Dragon Dictate Mobile are also available at $247 each, if you plan on using the upgraded features.

What is the Best Voice Recognition Software?

While there is no absolute answer to what is deemed as the best voice recognition software, Dragon certainly meets the minimum requirements and beyond of fast, accurate, and customizable audio recording, transcription, and voice command.

To help you choose among a plethora of software today, look for user-friendly and multi-functional voice recognition program that require minimum system specifications. You don’t need to spend a lot on peripherals such as a headset, but investing on ones with noise cancellation feature can certainly improve Dragon’s audio capturing capability.

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