Electric Objects Digital Art Display EO1 Review

If you have a small room inside your house you’ve been trying to enlarge or at least make it appear spacious, an art print is one of the best ways to go about it. This is the first method interior decorators resort to because they know art prints open up a space in a way that it not only appears larger, but is able to positively add to the vibe of a room. The same goes for any dull area of a house you’re trying to bring to life – a single colorful artwork can change the entire vibe of your interior.

Electric Objects Digital Art Display EO1

Now, being that most people refuse to splurge out and spend thousands of dollars on a masterpiece, there’s a number of different ways you can go about displaying your art prints. The main thing to focus on is whether they look good and keep in mind even a drawing made by a child can become the center of attention when people visit your home. The good news is that if your drawing is small, you can easily double it in size and then adjust it for any appropriate frame.

Electric Objects Digital Art Display EO1

Wall Photos – Where To Find Them

One good place you can always turn to is your latest round of family photos because they barely cost anything to produce and even phone cameras right now have the pixilation needed for professional looking photos. There are literally endless photo opportunities you could take advantage of in your local area and all you need is a few to decorate the room in question. There are also numerous color options you should consider, and in you have a photo of children playing with a puppy you could have the puppy done in color and the children in black and white for a more artistic feel.

Electric Objects Digital Art Display EO1

The Electric Objects Digital Art Display basically combines art with the latest of technology and allows you to take some of your proudest photos, then display them to your preference/taste. It resembles a real painting except you have a number of customization options and you can even change the photos you’re displaying based on your mood or the time of the day.

If you’re simply looking for a good decoration and you’re not the artistic/photographer type, there are plenty of images you’ll find on the internet that will get the job done. Some of the most beautiful ones are ocean sunsets, wilderness landscapes, cityscapes, beautiful pets, and basically images that bring a certain calmness you’ll appreciate after a hard day’s work. You can even extend unique collections like postcards because all you have to do is scan a few and display them as a single big photo.

Electric Objects Digital Art Display EO1

Does It Look As Good In Real Life?

The Electric Objects Digital Art Display is very unique and the concept of it took years to develop because there’s plenty of fine detail that goes into it. Combining authentic art with electronics is not an easy task because they had to get everything perfect from the exact feel of a frame, to the vibrant display and the customization options that make sure it’s beautiful regardless of the living area it’s situated in. The EO1 is simply one of the best ways you can introduce high quality/meaningful art into your home because it allows you to choose between the highest quality artworks as well as ones you took yourself and cherish. If you’re considering a meaningful gift, look no further.

Electric Objects Digital Art Display EO1

Breakdown Of Advantages:

  • Support for every type of artwork, whether it’s a known artwork or something you cherish personally, you won’t find a higher quality display to liven up/enlarge a room.
  • Compatible with smartphones and the display is instantly adjustable.
  • Support for high definition video, GIF animations, web art, anti-glare technology and very high resolution (1080P – pixels are invisible).
  • The package includes a stand you’ll want to make use of and there’s a fast wall mounting kit. It takes roughly a few minutes to set it up or dismantle.
  • The latest software back-end making sure it renders the highest quality art thus far.

Electric Objects Digital Art Display EO1

Final Thoughts

If you’ve relied on the usual monitors/computers to display art, now is the time to upgrade because this is a step above every display you’ve seen so far. The Electric Objects Digital Art Display EO1 allows you to display the highest quality images, change the mood of a room and multiple customization options so any idea you have about how your living space is supposed to look you’ll soon be able to bring to life.

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