Review of the AYL QY8 v4.1 Bluetooth Sport Earbud Headphones

Chances are you’ve noticed one of the most popular sport headphones on Amazon and it seemed like a popular choice, but you’re unsure of whether or not you should go for it. The AYL QY8 v4.1 Bluetooth Headphones frequently finds its place on the biggest deal sites and thousands of people have posted these cute earbuds on social media/Youtube, while they also get attention from Amazon in the best-selling headphone category.

Interestingly enough, even with the attention this little product got simply through word of mouth, it still hasn’t received proper attention from the biggest tech manufacturers.


Can You Trust The Company?

The most common concern people have with trusting newly established brands is that they don’t have a proven track record of producing high quality tech and they exclusively offer their product to a select few websites. However, despite the lack of serious brand backing in this case, there’s a reason why it made so much noise in the fitness headphones community and why you should consider it.

If you’re a workout junkie and you do it on the regular (or at least you’re planning to) chances are you prefer listening to music because it improves your performance but you’ve had trouble trying out workout headphones in the past. Common problems include cord tangling or them getting caught on something like a branch if you’re running outdoors.


Workout-Specific Headphone

Research shows the brain takes about 10-20 minutes to really zone in on a certain task/physical activity and even if you decide to stop for a few seconds, it can actually disrupt your flow as a whole. Stopping to fix your headphones multiple times can seriously worsen your performance, and this is why you should invest in ones that actually help you set your mind to the exercise. Then the body naturally follows.

The truth is those simple/cheap headphones that come with your iPhone or portable player are simply not enough. The same can be said about bigger headphones such as the Beats, despite their premium marketing. The best workout headphones should not only lock-in on your ears without falling off (especially when you’re running sprints) but they should also be discreet enough to a point where you don’t attract any attention or distract yourself thinking whether people can hear it.


Sometimes you might come across a decent pair of headphones that offer all the above but then they end up burning your ears off because they heat up so easily. Those same headphones could be useful when you’re walking but definitely not during your serious workouts.

Performance Booster

All experienced runners know music can either positively affect your running routine or entirely ruin your performance. When you’re working out, your main goal should be to get inside your body and stop thinking thus the best way to achieve that is to zone out with good music and the rest naturally happens.

For instance, if you’re working out in the winter your attention might divert to how cold it is but with the right music all you’re focused on is the workout itself. Wireless earphones are the way to go since cords can be all over the place and you have to spend time untangling them. The AYL QY8 Bluetooth Headphones fit the bill on all fronts, and cost very affordably.


They’re available in two main color version: black and yellow (like the song). The good thing about this price point is that it’s not so low that you’re scraping the bottom of the barrel (products that stop working after a week) and they’re not premium to a point where you’re basically splurging out to afford them.

Easy Hookup To Your Phone + Calls

What you’ll notice is that even though they’re wireless (connect via Bluetooth) the two buds are connected via a small cord that sits comfortably behind your neck. The good news is they offer the convenience of a quality wireless earphone set (meant for music) but when you’ve paired them with your smartphone you can make calls as well.

This is great if you’re trying to save time and want to start off your day with a jog, basically setting up meetings while getting a workout in. No time wasted. Obviously they come with a mike and offer compatibility with both iOS and Android.

Comfy Fit For The Earlobe

One of the main features that almost always goes overlooked in favor of sound quality is the actual earlobe fit. If your earphones are either too big or too small they’ll start falling out and you’ll have to put them back in constantly, which does get annoying.


What we noticed with the AYL QY8 is that they’re super comfortable but they also give you a feeling they’re locked right in – so you don’t worry about making sudden movements during a workout that would cause them to fall out. You’ll find a small volume control built in on the right earbud. Everything works like it’s supposed to and although pretty loud, the sound is contained so the QY8 could also serve you while you’re at the office.

What About The Design?

The smallish design makes them look premium because they’re so simple and don’t stand out – you can consider them workout enablers. All the controls you need are located on the right earbud (so you always know which one is left and which one is right). There you have the option to adjust volume, switch between songs, pause songs or answer incoming calls.

AYL also included small rubbery ear hooks with different sizes that you place inside your earlobe and use to tighten them further. You should try out different ones to find the most appropriate size. If this is your first time using them the instruction manual is clear enough so you’ll figure them out instantly.


Pros, Breakdown:

  • Extremely Flexible – Suitable for different ear sizes and regardless of the intensity of your workout, they’ll still remain there sealed-in without falling out.
  • Ventilation – If you’re exercising outdoors in the summer, you’ll still remain comfortable and not sweat your ears off.
  • Handle Moisture Well – If you exercise on the regular and you’re using bad headphones that are not sweat/moisture resistant, your listening experience will worsen by the day. The AYL QY8 are moisture resistant thus making them great workout-specific headphones.
  • Cancel Noise – Most headphones are suitable for outdoor workouts, but few offer the same indoor experience while you’re at the gym or the office.
  • Superb Sound Quality – Realistically the sound you can expect is not low-end but it’s not studio quality either so you’re getting something mid-range. Generally a great performance booster with a wide sound.
  • Affordable – You certainly won’t break the bank picking up a pair because it’s basically the price of a restaurant meal.

What’s Inside The Box?

AYL is far from an internationally renowned tech manufacturer, thus you won’t be getting Apple-tier packaging. The AYL QY8 Bluetooth Headphones come in a small, well protected cardboard box and inside you’ll find the QY8 itself, small rubber eartips and an instruction manual. Setting them up shouldn’t take you more than a few minutes and they’re compatible with most smartphones via Bluetooth.

What Are Users Saying?

If you’re new to Amazon you can probably tell this is among the most popular products because it literally has thousands of reviews – the average rating at roughly 4 stars. This means that the user feedback is overwhelmingly positive considering the all-around sound quality, workout-specific fabric and low price tag. The company also offers a 45 day money back guarantee and an 18 month warranty.


One thing we noticed is that the wireless reach on the QY8 is also a step above similarly priced earphones. Normally you’d have to purchase an arm strap for your smartphone if you wanted to have reach, otherwise the sound would cut out. This isn’t the case with the QY8 though it’s still a good idea to purchase an arm strap in case you plan on making calls and wish to secure the best possible connection. Bear in mind that these are also great for regular music listening, even if you don’t work out often but need some stable headphones.

The Verdict

The AYL QY8 v4.1 Bluetooth Headphones have a very simple design which certainly works in their favor considering they’re workout-specific and will allow you to immerse yourself in your workout entirely. The mid and high range sound is crystal clear and you’ll notice the bass feels nicely defined too. You will never feel like you’re missing out on detail when you’re listening to your music and they can also get loud.


The fabric was constructed in a way that you’re comfortable even if you’re sweating bullets and do high intensity cardio frequently – you’ll never have to worry about them popping out or needing to clean them often. When you combine that with an extremely low price tag, they’re really hard to beat. The only noteworthy downside is a relatively short battery life with the average being 5 hours per charge. This is obvious not so bad but it could see some improvement. To sum up, if you’re looking for powerful earphones that will boost your entire workout experience and you don’t want to spend a lot, the AYL QY8 has all your needs met.

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