Review of the TomTom Bandit Action Camera

Panasonic and GoPro, being the biggest electronics manufacturers took a leap forward and released some exceptional action cameras but right now TomTom which is a smaller Netherlands navigation company got involved as well. If you’re trying to choose between the different devices it’s going to be overwhelming because most of them offer the same functionality and don’t tend to fluctuate in price often – hence is the TomTom “Bandit” a serious action camera or should TomTom stick to making navigation devices? Let’s get into it.

tomtom bandit

What’s The Company About

If you’re not familiar with TomTom they’re basically the largest manufacturer or GPS gadgets including apps. Unlike most GPS navigation apps, theirs performs great in Europe and not just the US hence the increased popularity. They’ve recently decided to step up a notch and create a sports friendly action camera which you can make work with your smartphone (instantly transmit footage). If all you want is to cut right to the action and not have to spend time connecting your devices when you’d rather be enjoying scenery, this is what it’s for.

To summarize what you can expect in practical terms, all you do is shake up your phone once it’s synchronized and your footage is ready for sharing. It doesn’t matter how large the video files are, they’ll be connected to the media server allowing you to edit them and add music on the way. The cool part is that it can tag up highlights so your video winds up looking better – highlights include a custom speed, acceleration, heart rate and G-force. You can spend some time experimenting with these and likely find your ideal style fast.

tomtom bandit

Process Videos On The Spot

Assuming you’ve grown used to working with action cameras, you’re probably aware most of them capture gigabytes worth of footage and then you need expensive machines to do the video editing or they crash. Not only do you spend time for the hardware to ensure the video editing process runs smoothly, you also have to spend time looking through the highlights and selecting music. This usually takes hours if not even days and it’s why we’re really excited for the Bandit – the fact that you do processing on the camera itself. It’s amazing how this isn’t the default feature on all. That feature in itself makes it a cut above the other action cameras.

tomtom bandit

At the same time TomTom went on to announce a new service called “MyDrive” and this is basically a simple cloud based service (online data storage) allowing you to plan out a route on one of your devices (phone, tablet, laptop/PC) then transmit that to your sat-navigation, even before you get in the car. This is hands down the best navigation system out there and it will make planning adventurous trips a breeze. Simply look up information on new places you’d like to visit, plan out the route and once you’re there use the Bandit to come up with amazing footage on the spot.

tomtom bandit

If you’re used to capturing epic shots and then getting anxious because it takes hours for you to drive back home, sort through the video and finally get to relive it, this is no longer the case with the Bandit.

Shoot 4K video, 1080p @ 60ps And Waterproof!

We really like that the convenience this device offers does not come at the expense of losing video quality. The video quality is very similar to other devices in the price range (you can look up Youtube for some of the shots) and its waterproof so you don’t have to purchase additional carrying cases. It’s 16 megapixels and the process is simple – you take the shot, shake your phone once it’s synchronized and get to editing. This takes minutes instead of hours. The price tag is justified simply at the feature combination/convenience and compared it similar devices.

tomtom bandit

Bandit Or The Classic GoPro?

If we look at simple figures like worldwide market share for last year, GoPro actually had nearly 60% of the market while in the US that figure is even higher at 72%. There are roughly 10 million action cameras sold every year so TomTom might struggle getting their message across first but there’s no doubt they’ve made a quality device. If you look at their navigation systems, they’re always top of the line and if efficiency in video editing is a priority to you, it sure blows the GoPro out the water.

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