Sony DSC-WX500 Digital Camera Review

If you look hard enough you’ll find there’s plenty of affordable quality cameras to choose from, most of which offer you similar features, but is size that big of a factor? The reason why small cameras are useful is because you can take them everywhere. Most of these portable cameras are called “ultra compact” or “point and shoot” even though they can be more expensive than a DSLR. The convenience they offer is unparalleled and this is especially compared to larger cameras which instantly blow your cover as a tourist. If you’re planning on an adventurous trip, the last thing you need is to drag a huge camera with you but you also don’t want to settle for sub-par/inferior quality images.

Sony DSC-WX500

Sony actually put out some of the best compact cameras on the market and it probably wouldn’t take long to notice they’re the leader – one of these cameras is the DSC-WX500, offering a comparable feature set to some of its more expensive counterparts – the standard 18 megapixel sensor for decent image resolution, 30x lens, tilting display similar to that of more expensive DSLR cameras, in-camera internet connectivity via WiFi and NFC. All this at a price tag that is ridiculous. It produces images worth sharing while offering full portability.

Sony DSC-WX500

Out-Of-This-World Quality

When it comes to raw image quality, this camera always produces beautiful shots mostly due to the 18MP Cmos Sensor that comes with a 30x zoom. Combined with a Sony Bionz X processor, the DSC-WX500 includes instant autofocus and gives you edge to edge sharp images. The focal length is 35mm equivalent to 24-720mm hence you’ll be covered if you want to take shots ranging from panoramas (take the Grand Canyon for instance) to small insects you can’t approach. The zoom is top notch and previous Sony models simply can’t match it.

Sony DSC-WX500

In terms of video capability, you obviously can’t expect 4K Hollywood quality but for certain moments knowing that you have a video feature to take advantage of is useful. The WX500 records 1080p video and you can choose between 60p/60i or standard 24p. The video also comes with a “Hybrid” feature for steady shots which basically serves as a stabilizer. Even if you’ve zoomed in a lot your video won’t come off as shaky.

Connect To Your Phone

Thanks to the internet connectivity on the Sony DSC-WX500, you’ll easily be able to transfer the images you’ve taken onto your phone or computer. There’s also the “PlayMemories” app allowing you to connect your smartphone to it, then use it as a remote control and instantly upload to social media.

Sony DSC-WX500

Advantages Breakdown:

  • 18.2 megapixel illuminated image sensor for extremely sharp high-res images.
  • You’ll get decent low light sensitivity which is better than pretty much all compact cameras as well as on par with DSLR’s in the price range. Grain is brought down to a minimum.
  • Faster, more powerful image processor. You’ll appreciate this when you start taking advantage of the auto-focus feature, especially when fully zoomed in and trying to get a stable shot.
  • Zeiss 30x optical zoom – this is equivalent to a 24-720mm lens which basically means you’ll be covered irrespective of what you’re trying to capture. Make use of the lower 24mm in times you need wider shots and the 60x zoom when you need to fully utilize its reach.
  • The LCD screen is a 3 inch one, you can tilt it easily and focus more on getting the best image even with strong sunlight beaming your way. It’s bright enough to see everything clearly and even for on-site editing.
  • If you’re shooting 1080p video (you have XAVC S and AVCHD available) you’re not just limited to 24fps, leaving plenty of room for experiments.
  • You’ll be able to view your images in 4K resolution and this is perfect if you have a high-res TV at home. It works with a HDMI output although it’s a shame the video is not 4K.
  • The built-in connectivity features such as WiFi and NFC make it easy to connect to devices and get on the internet. The “PlayMemories” app is available for Android and iOS devices hence you’ll be covered even if you’re on a tablet. The app simply makes it easy for your device to serve as a wireless remote control (change literally everything) and it uses the 2.4GHz band to connect to wireless networks.

Sony DSC-WX500

Final Thoughts

The improved SteadyShot features on the Sony DSC-WX500 will ensure blurry images are no longer a part of your reality and shakiness is minimized. Assuming you’re not trying to shake it on purpose, you can generally expect great quality and we recommend this camera for travelers in need of great image quality while on the road.

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