Sony SEL90M28G FE 90mm Standard-Prime Lens Review

Sony is already known for producing some of the best quality lenses thus far, but are some of their newer releases worth it or should you just stick to the classics? The company recently announced 4 new full frame lenses and 2 teleconverters – also one of their newest releases being the 90mm f2.8-22 “SEL90M28G”, the specifics to which we’ll get into now.

Sony SEL90M28G

The Portrait/Close-Up Lens
This lens was designed for getting detailed close-ups/portraits hence it’s not surprising it delivers a perfect combination of bokeh effect and profound sharpness. Every G lens has a certain clarity to it once you look at the details and even if you’re shooting handheld you’ll be able to get some stable, sharp images. In simple terms this lens is perfect if you want to take “Humans of New York” type portraits, ones that make viewers feel as if they’re right there facing the person.

There’s a smooth mechanism that includes two focus groups and this focus is extremely quiet hence you’re not going to scare away insects if you’re trying to get a precise shot with some wildlife. Performance with macro photography is exceptional.

Sony SEL90M28G

Perfect For Learning And Newbies

Often times you’ll want to keep the total lens length static and this is helpful if you’re only trying to stay a few inches away from the subject you’re shooting. Sony included a hold button to the side allowing you to hold a certain focus and there’s a ring to the side you’ll use to switch between manual and auto focus. If you’re shooting in a tropical area where it can get rainy but there’s plenty of beautiful wildlife, this lens is great because it’s moisture resistant and will give you stable performance with an extremely detailed focus.

Pros Breakdown:

  • Performs exceptionally with all Sony DSLR cameras, has a maximum aperture of F2.8 and this is enough to provide for decent low light pictures, as well as Nano AR coating to help minimize reflections. Resistance to moisture makes it perfect for shooting in humid conditions and it doesn’t gather dust.
  • The OOS stabilization is perfect if you’re doing handheld shooting, there are sliding rings you can use to switch between different types of focus and it only takes seconds to set everything up properly.
  • Your images will stay sharp regardless of how far you zoom in, and this is where the lens truly shines. Ghosting and flare is pretty much nonexistent and if you want what could be considered the most beautiful bokeh this is what you get. If you’re taking portraits in a city for instance, you’ll be able to capture some amazing photos.
  • The focusing is precise, instant and extremely quiet so if you want to stay subtle about your photography you can do just that.

Sony SEL90M28G

Improved Coating, Better Image Quality

If you’re tired of unnecessary reflections and ghosting, Sony has you covered with recently released Nano AR coating feature. This is basically a nano structure that provides for beautiful light transmission and helps you produce higher quality images. If your current lens has coating but uses a nano structure which isn’t regular, you’ll be missing out on raw image quality and have to compensate for it in post production. This is actually preferable to standard anti reflective coating and your contrast/quality will go up as a result.

Press To Hold Focus

The great thing about this is that you don’t have to keep switching focus but you can just move around and see where you get the sharpest image. Adjusting the focus is a breeze (the buttons are conveniently placed so it’s instant) and the distance will stay locked unless you choose to change it.

Sony SEL90M28G

The focus ring on the SEL90M28G lets you switch between an auto focus and manual focus: If you’re a beginner you’ll benefit from the auto focus because it leaves you plenty of room for experiment/improvement but if you want maximum flexibility as well as options for different types of photography you’ll be able to leverage those as well. The bottom line is this is a quiet macro lens to utilize in situations where you can’t approach what you’re shooting but still want a sharp image. The lens is also ideal for video shooting because the focus can’t be heard.

Final Thoughts

Overall, we feel that the Sony SEL90M28G FE 90mm Standard-Prime Lens offers a lot of generous advantages to the professional or mid-range photographer who wants to improve their shots without sacrificing anything. Although it’s priced quite expensivelly at just over $1,000, it’s understandable considering the hefty advantages that it can offer. We would reccomend it to anyone that’s looking for a drastic improvement on portraits, close ups, and overall fantastic image quality.

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