Thrustmaster Y-300CPX Gaming Headset Review

If you’ve used Thrustmaster products in the past, they were likely some off the wall gaming-accessory electronics, but they’ve recently stepped up and began producing high-grade gaming headsets. Their newest release is the Y-300CPX, a successor to the flagship Y-280CPX.

Thrustmaster Y-300CPX

The main advantage to the Y-300CPX is that it comes compatible for all gaming consoles, even if you decide to change the hardware at a certain point. Often times quality headsets of similar capacity restrict you to a single console, and even if you think it’s acceptable for the time being, you might eventually switch/upgrade consoles and be forced to purchase another headset. The Y-300CPX is not console-dependant and offers compatibility for PS3, PS4, xBox 360, xBox One, 3DS, PS Vita and Wii U.

You’ll notice the standout/highlight features on the Thrustmaster Y-300CPX are all about sound quality: It outputs extremely clear bass and voice signaling, thus it’s perfect if you need a headset that will give you accurate game-play sound but also allow you to communicate efficiently. It features 50mm drivers for sound quality which in practical terms translates to increased sound stabilization, more flat frequencies (standard for high-def headsets) and the best bass output.

This is obviously matched with great sound input, featuring a completely detachable microphone: if you don’t need it, you can remove it at will. If you’ve used weak headset microphones in the past you probably noticed they don’t focus on your voice exclusively, and this can be a problem if you have noisy people inside the house. The key to insuring a smooth game-play is having your teammates focused entirely on what you’re saying so you can plan out a winning strategy and not get distracted.

Thrustmaster Y-300CPX

Improved Sound Quality

As mentioned, the upgraded 50mm drivers translate to a near-perfect audio output. They provide a very realistic sound and if you’re playing the latest games with the best (most demanding) graphics this is going to secure an accurate representation of the sound, rather than robbing you of the experience with inferior quality sound. Having a more evened-out frequency response (as is the case on the Y-300CPX) means that they achieve a near-perfect balance between different sound frequencies – low, mid and high.

In addition, you’ll experience the all-new bass amplifier which you can use to boost low-end frequencies. In terms of design, the earpieces are large enough to cover an adult’s ears and they’re extremely soft. The reason being is Thrustmaster designed the Y-300CPX for extensive “full-timer” use, and if you find yourself spending more than a mere few hours playing this will come of use as your ears won’t feel that painful strain. They also have this isolated feeling which is not only immersive in terms of game-play, but allows you to experience the sound in a unique, realistic way.

Easy Controls & Connectivity

One of the main characteristics of an inferior headset (or monitoring headphones) is the lack of built-in manual controls which offer complete adjustability, without the requirement of external hardware. The Y-300CPX offers complete manual sound adjustment without forcing you to install an app or rely on in-game settings. The controls are all laid out in a reachable place and you can be playing while adjusting the sound. The main downside in terms of connectivity is this is not a wireless headset hence you’ll have to use a cable.

Thrustmaster Y-300CPX

As you can tell, Y-300 is a universally practical device which you can connect to most devices out there. It connects via a simple USB cable, but Thrustmaster included a 3.5mm jack for more demanding consoles. We mostly recommend this headset for passionate gamers who often switch between consoles and need something that is instantly compatible between the lot.

In addition to universal console compatibility, the Y-300CPX works with devices such as smartphones, media players and tablets. If you want to use it to make calls via your smartphone you’ll be able to do that. Also if you have smart-home devices such as a Nucleus intercom, you can connect them as well.

Thrustmaster Y-300CPX

Advantages Breakdown:

  • Unmatched compatibility: Works with all the notable consoles, smartphones and tablets.
  • High-powered audio output: The upgraded 50 mm drivers contribute to a very realistic sound output with an evened out frequency response. This is the reason why headphones such as the “Beats” catch a lot of slack, by focusing on extending the lower end rather than offering that even-keeled wide sound.
  • Long-use comfort: Thrustmaster designed this with an emphasis on comfort for long-session gaming usage, featuring earpiece fabrics that will keep you comfortable for hours on end. This is exactly what you need if your gaming sessions tend to be longer, in order to fully eliminate the strain that comes from it.
  • Manual control: Located on the cable, you’re able to adjust everything down the last detail, in a more practical manner. This doesn’t imply the sound only but the microphone as well.

Thrustmaster Y-300CPX

Conclusion – Is It Worth It?

The Thrustmaster Y-300CPX Gaming Headset has major strong points for passionate gaming but it’s a bit of a mixed bag. For one, we loved the upgraded bass amplification compared to previous Thrustmaster headsets which add strength to the low-end output as well as the improvements they made on the microphone end. At the same time, they force you to use the 13 foot cable due to a lack of wireless connectivity.

The only compensation for this are the manual adjust options located on the cable which allow you to make input/output changes on the fly and they included a 3.5mm connector for added wired connectivity. Altogether this headset is impossible to beat in terms of compatibility as it’s compatible with every semi-popular console, including devices like PC’s, Mac’s and smartphones. We didn’t try this out but apparently you can make calls if you connect it to your phone.

One of its strongest features (which will likely go overlooked) is the inline controller located to the side of the cable. This is actually positioned in the perfect place to give you a live adjustment option, and it’s a major plus when you’re playing and suddenly find yourself adjusting the sound but without getting distracted or having to pause the game. It also provides for quick adjustment over the microphone, hence if anyone starts making noise inside your house you can instantly mute it. As long as you can do away with the lack of wireless connectivity, the Y-300CPX is an excellent choice overall.

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