Top 3 Appetite Suppressants – Reviews to Stop Cravings

Appetite suppressants refer to medication or dietary supplements that are taken to reduce one’s appetite. Curbing your appetite or delaying the return of hunger can lead to reduced food consumption, which can ultimately lead to weight loss with proper exercise.

In this comprehensive review, we will take a closer look at the top 3 appetite suppressants available in 2017. All of these supplements are seen as safe, effective, and trusted.

Garcinia Cambogia – NaturaBest – 100% PURE Garcinia, 60 x 1000mg Capsules

Packaged in a 60 x 1000mg capsule bottle, NaturaBest Garcinia Cambogia is made of all natural ingredients. It is therefore considered safe and effective in curbing one’s appetite.
While similar products only come in 500mg amounts, this dietary supplement comes in 1,000mg capsules, which proves to be advantageous to consumers. You see, 500mg pills need to be taken twice a day; and sometimes, you will be required to take two tablets at a time. With a 1,000mg capsule, you only need to take it once.

Garcinia Cambogia - NaturaBest

NaturaBest is mainly comprised of Garcinia Cambogia extracts. It also includes Calcium and Potassium in its formulation. When combined, these ingredients not only work in suppressing a person’s appetite, but can actually promote efficient fat burning too. Moreover, losing weight won’t result in having a weak body. In fact, you will develop lean muscle mass as only stored fats are burned and expelled from the system.

What makes Garcinia Cambogia really effective as a weight loss supplement is that it works in stopping enzymes from converting carbohydrates into fatty cells. Instead, fats are converted into glycogen; and the body then uses this glycogen as a source of energy. It is for this reason why you will still feel energized in spite of consuming just a small amount of food every day.

Another advantage to taking NaturaBest Garcinia Cambogia appetite suppressant pill is that the main ingredient (Garcinia Cambogia) can regulate the body’s serotonin levels. Proper maintenance of this hormone’s level in the system has been known to improve a person’s mood and mental state. In fact, it can also help ease sleeping problems.

Made in the USA, NaturaBest is processed in an FDA-approved facility. It has been duly tested for effectiveness too. Indeed, it is clinically proven to reduce appetite and facilitate efficient fat burning too.

You can get a bottle of Garcinia Cambogia for about $39. It contains 60 x 1,000mg capsules.

Raspberry Ketones 500mg Fresh Weight Loss and Fat Burning Supplement + Appetite Suppressant

The name of the product says it all; it’s an appetite suppressant and fat burning supplement rolled into one. The weight loss and appetite suppressant ingredients contained in this supplement are all derived from natural sources and are concentrated and pure. Additionally, it doesn’t contain binders and fillers.

Raspberry Ketones 500mg Fresh Weight Loss and Fat Burning Supplement

You can get this product in 120 vegetarian capsules per bottle. They are proudly made in the USA and are GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certified to give consumers the added safety and peace of mind they whole-heartily desire.

The capsules are highly effective as weight loss supplements because of its formulation. The body produces a certain type of enzyme called Hormone Sensitive Lipase, which is responsible for efficiently breaking down fat cells in the system. Taking Raspberry Ketones can boost the production of said enzymes so as to facilitate efficient fat burning too.

Raspberry Ketones can be taken once or twice a day. Although you can refer to the accompanying brochure, you can also consult your doctor or physician about it.

A bottle of Raspberry Ketones 500mg Fresh Weight Loss and Fat Burning Supplement is priced at around $19. It contains 120 capsules, which is enough for several months.

Craving Crush – Weight Loss Tea and Natural Appetite Suppressant

Craving Crush Weight Loss Tea is presented in the form of a tea. It’s made in the USA and is comprised of all natural, herbal ingredients. One of its main ingredients is caffeine from green tea. This works in boosting one’s metabolism in between eating meals so that calories are efficiently burned before the next meal.

Craving Crush - Weight Loss Tea and Natural Appetite Suppressant

As we all know, green tea is a known antioxidant too. When the body is cleared of toxic wastes and harmful substances, it can function better in maintaining one’s proper weight. Antioxidants are also effective in eliminating problems of water retention. And in the case of green tea, it also carries diuretic properties that can help the system flush out excess water from the body.

Craving Crush Weight Loss Tea also contains papaya leaves, ginger root, rosehip, orange peel, fennel seed, hibiscus flower, and lemon balm. As you can tell, these herbs are all beneficial to the body. Said components are not only helpful in suppressing one’s appetite naturally, but they can help boost the body’s immune system too. Some of these herbs even carry anti-cancer properties.

To appreciate the taste and flavor of this tea, follow the correct procedures in its preparation. First and foremost, place 1 teabag in a cup and pour boiling water over it. Cover the cup and allow the tea to steep for about 3 to 5 minutes before removing the cover. Let it stand for an additional 3 to 5 minutes before drinking it.

Because of the ingredients of the product, it tastes and smells like flavored green tea. Remember, its main ingredient is green tea, so expect the flavor and aroma of green tea when you prepare this appetite suppressant tea.

You can take 1 to 3 cups of the tea per day; but don’t take it at night if you have sleeping problems. The caffeine content of the tea can keep you awake and interrupt your restful sleep at night.

A box of Craving Crush Weight Loss Tea and Natural Appetite Suppressant costs around $24. It contains 30 tea bags.


Appetite suppressants can perfectly complement exercise routines, if you’re after a healthy way of shedding off unwanted pounds. However, you should first consult your doctor about it, as some appetite suppressants carry negative side effects.

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Usually presented in pill form, this type of dietary supplement is taken in the morning before breakfast. This will allow the pill to take effect before eating so that you won’t feel as hungry. It will also keep you feeling full for most of the day so as to avoid food cravings.

There are also appetite suppressants that come in the form of teas. This type of product can usually be taken several times a day. Always refer to the instructions in order to get the most benefit out of these types of products.

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