Top 3 Wireless Computer Speakers for Amazing Sound

A high quality set of speakers can bring new life to a once dull and unexciting sound. Nearly every electronic device has the ability to play music, movies, and create an entertainment filled experience that anyone can enjoy.

The thing about most speakers is the over-abundance of wires and cords that are required to operate them. In recent years, many have become tangled in wires and cords and are looking for other options that offer wireless capability. Luckily, there are several wireless computer speakers in 2017 that fit the bill and have the ability to perform just as well, if not better than your standard speakers that you may be used to.

Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 Wireless Computer Speakers

With the proliferation of wireless technology nowadays, the Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 Wireless Computer Speakers stand out as another tough wireless technology speaker set that can provide another stout, interference-free audio streaming performance.

Klipsch ProMedia Wireless Computer Speakers

It has the same plug and play design, the same award-winning sound as the original Pro-Media before, and it requires no router or installation software. With the Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 Wireless Computer Speakers, you can enjoy a powerful speaker system without wires.

The systems’ USB wireless transmitter via USB streams audio reaching 30 feet. An auxiliary input jock becomes the connection to other sources. (You can use Appleā€™s Remote Application to connect without wires to iTunes.)

Klipsch ProMedia Wireless Computer Speakers

Additionally, the hardware sounds great and can easily fill up a two-story house. Being wireless is one big plus point to most people because of the ease and relative freedom on places where to put the source (laptops, phones, PCs) and where to have the speakers face.

For its price and the no-nonsense approach it has with playing back the sounds you wanted, the Klipsch ProMedia speakers can be among the mid-range speaker types for people who are not too finicky on listening to their music on a wireless stereo system.

Klipsch ProMedia Wireless Computer Speakers

Some people are happy with the quality of the sounds made by the Klipsch speakers, especially those whose sources give out clear sounds as wall. Not very many people are aware that sound and music from poor sources can bring bad impressions on the hardware which might not have nothing to do with the overall sound quality.

With the Klipsch woofer, the bass works fine enough to produce the requisite rattling and thumping. The satellite speakers work just as good and are phenomenal which adds to the overall power to the wireless sounds. With this setup, you really cannot go wrong.

Creative T12 Wireless Bluetooth 2.0 Speaker System

The Creative T12 Wireless Bluetooth 2.0 Speaker System brings superb audio dynamics to the sounds it produces due to its full-range, high-performance drivers. They feature the Bluetooth solution that streams your favorite songs and music wirelessly to any other compatible stereo device (PC, laptop or phone).

Creative T12 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker System

Moreover, the played-back music comes out rich and full with its built-in Bass Flex technology that reproduces and enhances bass even without a subwoofer. This is the same award-winning Bluetooth expertise Incorporated into the T12 Wireless.

This set of speakers brings accessible control as well as convenience in connectivity. It easily connects to any Bluetooth device in compatible stereo with just a single button. With the headphone jack and the volume controls on the speaker’s front panel, you can indulge in your music listening however you’d like.

With PCs that don’t have stereo Bluetooth capabilities, you can give it the capability of audio streaming (BT-DI Bluetooth USB transmitter) which pairs perfectly with the Creative T12 Wireless Speakers in seconds. It’s also compatible with other Creative wireless speakers.

You can also have your iPhone or iPad (or a 30-pin iPod) be your Creative BT-D5 Bluetooth transmitter to T12 Wireless from Creative or any other Creative wireless speakers without hitches.

Creative T12 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker System

When streaming music from your phone or laptop to your speakers without using any wiring, your best resource is the Creative T12. They do the job painlessly because they are easiest to setup and the system can provide a nice rounded sound that is suited to most genres.

Aside from giving your PC a new exciting way to do another service by way of music that is at par with some high-end devices, the Creative T12 Wireless speaker system brings out high performance because of its full range drivers.

For a portable solution, the Creative T12 may not be the most elegant like the some other speakers. However, they rank exceptionally well when connected to a laptop or PC, given the ease and the price range.

Cyber Acoustics CA-3602 Subwoofer Satellite Speaker System

The Cyber Acoustics CA-3602 Subwoofer Satellite Speaker System brings over not just a booming experience into your home theater but also gives your room a stylish look and feel. This set includes a two-inch satellite speakers and a subwoofer with a tuned port and a voice-coil for further response enhancement. The subwoofer is housed in an acoustically balanced wooden cabinet.

Cyber Acoustics CA-3602

This speaker set also includes a control pod for the desktop for easy control with power on/off, master volume control, bass volume, including access to jacks for headphones and auxiliary jacks. The control pod with LED power indicator controls and adjusts volume levels for the satellites and the bass control as well as the on/off controls with a simple finger swipe.

The set is magnetically shielded which allows its satellite speakers to be placed near monitors and other electrical appliances without fear of losing any of its sound quality usually caused by interference. Some other systems are not so protected and sometimes can go blank when exposed to other devices that emit electrical waves.

While the CA-3602 speakers might simulate being quiet, presenting a heavier preponderance on bass and seemingly short on the high frequency notes, the simple solution is to use the equalizer and pre-amp control in iTunes 10.x.

As with newly installed programs, the quality and volume of the first sounds from the system need to be tweaked and configured accordingly to get the right balance that you want in your music. However, there is a drop in quality of the sound when other Bluetooth devices are connected.

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