Thursday, October 28

Day: September 24, 2021

Getting the help of Solana Prediction Markets 

Solana is one of the best performing cryptos, irrespective of the fact that the other currencies are crashing the market right down. Solana has reached heights in the first week of September this year. However, things have completely changed for Solana with the network outage at the time. This has led, and there has been the crashing of the Solana price within few days, and the market cap at the time was $20 billion approximately. Despite Solana's popularity, investors are always critically thinking about the Solana future, and they have the belief that it can well outnumber the others in the field. Recovering the Solana Status Recently, there has been a recovery in the exchange cost of Solana. The altcoin has rightly been able to maintain the supporting price of Solana, and the surge ha...