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Over 3,000 fatal motor vehicle crashes were reported in Texas in 2019, which is considerably higher than most states. Following a car crash in Houston, you may have to deal with unexpected financial distress and serious injuries. The immediate response should be about informing the local police or sheriff’s office. Once you have received treatment and feel better, consider calling a Houston car accident attorney. Hiring a lawyer following a car crash in Texas is not mandatory but could be an important decision in many ways. 

Finding fault and liability

Immediately after an accident, it can be hard to think about the cause. Who was responsible for the crash? Did your action contribute to the accident in any manner? If that’s true, how does it impact your ability to claim compensation for your damages? These are a few questions that an injury attorney can answer for you. Top lawyers will investigate an accident to establish fault and liability, and they help clients recover the settlement they deserve. 

When you are fault

Texas follows the modified comparative fault rule. For example – if you were 20% at fault for the accident and were given $20,000 in the settlement, your final settlement would be $16,000. In other words, your fault determines what you eventually recover in a settlement. If you were more at fault than the other driver, you wouldn’t be able to recover anything as per Texas laws, even when you have sustained more injuries and losses. Insurance companies often use contributory negligence laws to deny and delay claims. If you were at fault, the at-fault party’s insurer might use that as an excuse to deny your claim or reduce what they pay. 

With an accident attorney by your side, you can refuse to negotiate directly. Also, the insurance representative may press you for a recorded statement, which you can deny until you have hired an attorney. Skilled lawyers know what it takes to negotiate an accident claim, and they can see through bad faith insurance tactics. 

You don’t need to pay immediately

Injury lawyers in Houston usually take a contingency fee. The lawyer gets paid if you win a financial settlement for the accident claim. This arrangement ensures that people can afford a lawyer when they cannot pay for legal representation right away. At the least, consider meeting an attorney and discussing the aspects of your accident claim. The first meeting with a lawyer is free and can be handy for knowing key aspects.

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