Sunday, April 14

How to Make the Most of Your Wedding Venue Business

Running a wedding venue business can be rewarding and profitable. It can also be overwhelming if you have a lot of competition and aren’t sure how to make your business stand out. If you’re considering starting down this path as a business owner, there are a few things to think about.

Gifyyy’s wedding booth photo app and a portable photo booth can help your business start out against the others, as well as provide an entertaining way for your guests to create memories that will last forever. Consider the following tips when starting out in your business.

How to Start Your Wedding Venue Business

Be realistic about your ability to manage small business bumps and barriers. Before starting your wedding venue business strategy, ask yourself:

  • Can you afford the risk of starting a new business in what may be a competitive market?
  • Are you ready to work weekends? Most weddings are held in the evenings and on weekends. You may have help, but expect to be active when others are relaxing.
  • Are you ready for the stress? Starting a wedding venue business (or any business) is stressful. Minimize other stressors before starting a small business.

Consider Your Competition

How many wedding venues are in your area? It’s important to research what other options are available, then consider how you can make your own mark. Some questions to ask include:

  • What venues are already available?
  • What does your venue offer that others don’t?
  • Are other venues booked solid? Is there still a demand?

Talk to people about other venues and visit them yourself. See if friends or family have firsthand knowledge of competing locations.

Come Up With a Wedding Venue Name

Make your business name original, appealing, and memorable. When naming a wedding venue, consider the sort of weddings and clients you intend to attract. A posh facility needs a name that evokes exquisite galas and white-glove service. A rural, laid-back location should evoke happy times sans stuffed shirts. Whatever you choose, make it meaningful to you.

What Is Your Market Strategy?

How will you market your new venue? Do you have experience with this, or will you need to hire someone to help you? With so much marketing done on social media sites, are you familiar with trending platforms? Consider your marketing budget. People can’t book your venue if they don’t know about it.

Once you know your name and marketing strategy, start getting your name out there. Open social media accounts. Usually, your handle is your venue’s name, but look for undesired words when you’re researching. You don’t want your name to link to something else. Lots of wedding venues rely on Instagram and Facebook. Create social media accounts before launching to generate appointments.

Don’t ignore your local magazines. Though most information is online, couples still read local business periodicals while waiting at the doctor’s office or looking at wedding clothes. Make sure your location is listed in wedding-specific publications, planner- and luxury-focused journals.

Once your business is up and running, make sure to read online reviews. Yelp and Google Reviews should be watched. Respond to good and negative reviews quickly. If you get positive reviews, say “thank you!” “We’re delighted we made your wedding spectacular!” Apologize for poor reviews and invite them to contact you offline to discuss. People want to be heard, so be receptive.

What Makes Your Venue Different?

It might be your location or the service you offer. For instance, you might decide to offer a photo booth for your events. Take a look at the portable photo booth offered by Gifyyy. It has a lot of great perks for you as a business owner. Plus, your investment can be paid for in as little as five to six events, depending on their size.

Gifyyy has beautiful hardware, powerful software that works well together, and the easiest setup ever. The result is a photo booth that you can carry in one hand, set up in five minutes, and then leave to run itself while you do your job. Gifyyy makes really fun animated GIFs and sends them right to the phones of visitors. Then, guests can share the GIFs on social media and click to see a stream of all the GIFs from their event. And when the event is over, you can use Gifyyy’s follow-up SMS and email capture tools to stay in touch with guests. Want more people to see the wedding photos you’ve posted on your website? Send the link in a mass SMS. Putting together an email list for your marketing event? We’ll take care of you.

Gifyyy is made up of a clean and easy-to-use iPad app and a powerful web-based admin system. And our software couldn’t be easier for guests to use. When they walk up to Gifyyy, they see a simple message that says, “Touch Me.” When they touch the screen, Gifyyy takes a few quick frames (or still photos they can choose! ), loops them into an animated GIF, and shows the result right away. Gifyyy sends the file to our cloud platform while people are laughing at the animation. Then, guests can tap “send it to me” to enter their phone number or “again” to make another. Gifyyy sends an SMS with a link to their GIF if they enter a phone number. The link will take them to a Gifyyy-made page with their GIF, your brand, social sharing buttons, and a gallery of all the GIFs from that event.

Packages Offered By Gifyyy to Get You Started

Gifyyy has three bundles that you can choose from. Each of them offers you the chance to set up and go right away. The beginner package offers a hardwood tripod that is made in the United States. The package comes with the Gifyyy Pro iPad software, a carrying case, an iPad bracket, and access to your Gifyyy web account. We also offer support, as well as user groups, so you can connect with others using Gifyyy.

The Gifyyy Pro Pack has everything from the starter package plus all of our great upgrades. This means that you now get a Front-Plate, the great updated BAGG carrying bag, and a Go-Pack battery pack in addition to our American-made hardwood tripod legs, the best-LED unit, and a carrying case, an iPad mount, the Gifyyy Pro iPad program, and web-account access.

The third package is the Gifyyy Pro Kit+. This package comes with the top LED unit, the beautiful upgraded BAGG carrying case, the iPad bracket, the Gifyyy Pro iPad app, and access to your Gifyyy web account. It has tripod legs that are made by hand in the United States. Also included are the batteries for the Go-Pack and the Front Plate. There is a promotional pack with all the general marketing tools you need to get your business off the ground.


Starting any new business can be exciting. Make sure you do your research and decide how your wedding venue will be different from any others in your area. Check out Gifyyy’s site at to learn more about their portable photo booths, which can be great for your new business.