Sunday, April 14

Does Luv Sola Use Greenery or Fillers in Bouquets?

Greenery is incredibly important when it comes to building a bouquet of flowers. Without the greenery, your flowers blend together and are easily overlooked. Greenery and fillers make your bouquet come together quickly and efficiently, making your bouquet really come alive and look clean and well put together. Luv Sola flowers pair well with our Luv Sola greenery and fillers, complementing each other and helping tie your bouquet or flower arrangement together incredibly well. What types of greenery do we provide, though? Is there enough diversity in our products to really bring the bouquet you want to live in?

Types of Greenery

There are two main types of greenery that go well with our sola flowers, making them really pop in a bouquet. It’s essential that you use the greenery that we have available. Our greenery is professionally designed and prepared in a way that, when paired with our Sola flowers, makes the flowers pop right out while still being beautiful and elegant. Greenery in a bouquet is essential to bring the whole bouquet together, and with our greenery, you can easily bring together a bouquet that comes together for your occasion. What are the two types of greenery that are available, though?

Preserved Greenery

Preserved greenery is just that, greenery that has been properly preserved and is prepared to last. Your bouquet really pops with preserved greenery with additions in a wide variety of colors, including reds, greens, yellows, and oranges. These colors really make our wood sola flowers pop, regardless of what type of flowers you choose. Each type of preserved greenery compliments any one of our flowers excellently, and they last, making them a great addition to any occasion you may need flowers for.

Faux Greenery

Faux greenery lasts much longer than preserved greenery and has a few more stylistic choices, helping you get exactly the type of bouquet that you’re looking for. Faux greenery in time, won’t fade or dry out further, helping your bouquet last longer. Faux greenery can come in a wide variety of colors, sizes, and shapes, which lends more creative freedom to you, allowing you to get exactly the type of bouquet that you want. Using faux greenery is both better for the environment and increases the life of your bouquet, especially when paired with our Sola flowers of any color, style, and type.

Greenery is an incredibly important addition to any bouquet, and without greenery, the flowers won’t pop as they should. With this in mind picking the right type of greenery is also quite important. Take the time to envision what you would like your bouquet to look like, and from there, feel free to head over to our website to construct your bouquet piece by piece. Our website has three different types of flowers and plenty of greenery to help you get the bouquet that you’re looking for. So if you’re ready to order your bouquet feel free to pop over to our website today!