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How do I get credit insurance?


Credit insurance is an insurance that insures the holder against loss of income or the ability to take on new credit, due to death, disability, involuntary unemployment and financial insolvency. 

It is a form of loan protection insurance. It will pay off a loan in case the borrower dies or becomes disabled and can’t work anymore, if they are self-employed and have no other source of income. If a person loses their job through no fault of their own (for example, there was a company restructuring), credit insurance will help them keep up with their payments for 24 months without interest charges. The policy may also cover medical bills for those who are unable to work because they became ill or were injured at work. Most credit insurance policies are issued for a fixed term, such as five years.

The policyholder can benefit from the protection plan immediately and can claim for it within the stipulated time period. The ‘insured’ person will have to wait until the credit insurance policy is finally issued or is ready to be issued before he or she can make a claim. The wait depends on various factors, such as the details of an application form and its processing speed, physical examination and medical background check.

Credit insurance is a kind of protection, which is an insurance that covers against financial loss due to death, disability, unemployment and insolvency. It also provides protection against loss of income and the ability to take new credit because of events over which the insured has no control. In addition, credit insurance provides financial assistance and support to those who lost their jobs through events over which they have no control (such as company restructure), as well as helping pay medical bills in case the insured person cannot work because they were ill or injured at work. Find more kredittforsikring

The main purpose of this payment is to allow you to continue paying off your loan obligations even when you lose your job. The minimum period for the credit insurance to be in place is six months.

The amount of monthly payment depends on the mortgage amount, loan tenure and outstanding mortgage balance. 

The insurer will pay for all credit insurance premiums during the policy term, which is usually five years, with a renewal option thereafter.

How do I get credit insurance?

To obtain an insurance policy to cover your credit obligations or borrowing needs, you need to:

1. Obtain a credit check report

2. Set up an appointment with a financial adviser to discuss your personal insurance needs

Credit insurance is a form of financial assistance given by the lender and/or insurer to persons who defaulted their loans or borrowings or cover their loss of income due to death (including sickness) or disability.

Insurance payment is cash paid by the insurer when certain events specified in the insurance policy occur. It is usually paid as a lump sum, although some plans pay monthly. The main purpose of credit protection insurance is to pay off any outstanding balance on your loan or to top up your credit limit; in case of death or total and permanent disability (TPD).

Credit insurers may be private companies or government-sponsored agencies. They set their rates and coverage amounts according to their own risk assessments, which vary from company to company. Credit protection covers all sorts of debts, including instalment purchases, personal loans and mortgages.

Credit insurance is not intended to replace qualified life insurance. Nor does it provide money for living expenses or other unforeseen expenses as credit card protection or overdrafts do. Visit us kontraktsgarantifor for more info.

Credit Insurance Policies

There are four types of credit insurance policies: 

1. Personal Life Insurance

2. Auto-Loan Protection

3. Property Insurance

4. Time and Attendance (T&A) Plans

Borrowers are required to sign an application form to purchase the policy in order for the insurance company to determine a premium rate and schedule payments in accordance with state law. Policies can be purchased directly from the insurer or through brokers, agents or companies that are licensed by the state where they are based. Since no two consumers are alike, not all policies may suit you, however a credit insurance broker can assist you in finding a policy that fits your situation best.

Insurance companies use many methods to determine whether or not an individual is eligible for coverage. Because of this, it can be helpful to obtain credit insurance quotes from several companies. Often, insurers use certain factors to determine eligibility, such as a consumer’s employment status and the amount of debt owed.

Credit insurance premiums can be either monthly or one-time payments. Monthly premiums are based on the amount of debt an individual has and the length of time they are covered by the policy. The amount of debt and coverage length will be specified in the agreement made between an insurer and consumer in order for a person to receive benefits under a policy.


Credit insurance is a form of financial assistance given by the lender and/or insurer to persons who defaulted their loans or borrowings or cover their loss of income due to death (including sickness) or disability.

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